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12 Macro Photography Ideas for Beginners

Macro photography is something that most people are familiar with, but mostly on a superficial level. Most people think of things like insects when they think of macro photography. But what else makes good macro photographs? The answer is that almost anything that you want to use as a subject can be used. The secret is that you want to take unique angles and shoot unique portions of your subject. All of the following can make interesting topics for a macro photograph:

  1.  eyes – eyes can make very interesting topics, if you can get a subject that will stay still.
  2.  plants – all parts, including stems, leaves and roots.
  3. flowers – all parts.
  4. pets – if they are trusting and cooperative enough
  5. food – vegetables, meats, cooked and raw, etc.
  6. toys – also make good close-up subjects
  7. clothes – various fabrics, colors and textures
  8. carpets – various length pile, various colors
  9. textile fabrics – all types
  10. paper – various weights, colors, textures
  11. soil – sand, clay, etc.
  12. dishes – various materials, colors, densities, surfaces

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