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How To create a single image HDR in Lightroom?

Sunrise through a rock arch

How do I create an HDR photograph from just one digital image in Lightroom?

    • In order to create a single image HDR photograph, you need to have a raw image so that there is enough information available for LightRoom to show both the light and dark areas.

    • The first step is to create a virtual copy. That is done by selecting the image, then on the menu choose “Photo” then “Create Virtual Copy”.
    • Ideally you would use the develop panel to create two different pictures, one emphasizing the shadows and one emphasizing the highlights.

    • Next, select both copies of the image.

    • On the menu select “Photo” then “Photo Merge” then “HDR”

    • If you are satisfied with the preview image, just click “Merge” at the bottom and Lightroom will create an HDR version of your photograph.

Sure, this will not create a true HDR image. But it will save you a lot of time bringing out those shadows without over-doing the highlights. Single image HDR is a tool that can assist you in making the image look close to what you saw.

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