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What is Shutter Speed?

Shutter speed is one of the elements of the exposure triangle, and is used to control how long the sensor is exposed to light.

Aperture FAQ

   What is aperture in photography? Aperture refers to the size of the opening of the lens that the light passes through in order to reach the film or sensor. You can use the aperture setting to allow more or… Read More »Aperture FAQ

What is Aperture?

Aperture is the setting on a camera that controls how much light passes through the lens to strike the camera sensor (or film), thus it serves as a brightness control. Aperture is expressed in f-stops such as f1.2, f8, f22, etc.

What Is Exposure Bracketing?

Exposure bracketing is when you take a series of pictures that have slightly different aperture settings. One reason to do this is if you are not certain what the best exposure is going to be. Another might be if you want to create a HDR photograph. Most cameras have a way to do this automatically, or you can do it using exposure compensation, or by manually adjusting the exposure between photos.

What Is Exposure Compensation?

Exposure Compensation allows you to adjust the light incrementally by fractions of an f-Stop to increase or decrease the amount of light that reaches the sensor.

What Is ISO?

ISO represents the sensitivity of your camera sensor to light. ISO can vary from 100 to as high as 25,000 or more on some digital SLRs and mirrorless cameras. The bigger the number, the more light sensed.