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What is Landscape Photography?

Abandoned house with mountains in the background.

Landscape photography is an attempt to capture the beauty, wonder and amazement of a scene so that others can share in your excitement. Landscape photography is mostly accomplished using wide angle lenses and long exposures on a tripod. Those are not necessities, but they are the standard. Unlike some other types of photography, landscape photographs should include crisp focus throughout, hence the frequent use of tripods or other stabilizing devices. Although I prefer nature scenes, landscape photography is not limited to such. It also includes cityscapes, and can include sunrise and sunset photographs, people, and other natural components such as trees, mountains, and clouds.

What makes a good landscape photograph?

One of the key elements of a landscape photograph is that unlike some other genres, the entire image should be in focus. This can be accomplished several ways, either through the aperture setting that is used, or through focus stacking.

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